EMFS- Executive Mobility Financial Solutions

With the harsh economic conditions most people find themselves in nowadays, having the means to buy a car can be more difficult.

Even though some people still choose buying a car as a means of transport, there are other options, such as car rental.

Not only does this allow individuals to save more money in the long term, but it also gives them access to a wide range of cars from which to choose.

The good news is that the South African car rental market is expanding, making it more affordable for citizens all over the country to rent any car of their choice.

EMFS (Executive Mobility Financial Solutions) is a leading car rental solutions provider that offers South Africans convenient and affordable car rental options.

When renting a car you have no obligation to purchase the car at the end of the rental term. It allows you the flexibility of being able to drive the car of your dreams, without having to pay exorbitant monthly installments.

If you have a bad credit record, one way that you can improve your record is by applying for credit and making payments diligently every month when they are due.

By renting a car through EMFS  you can get access to the vehicle of your dreams.

It can also help to rehabilitate your payment history by structuring a long term vehicle rental.

Good reasons to choose EMFS car rental: 

  • EMFS will assist you with selecting the right vehicle, terms and payments which best suit your needs. Every individual has unique car needs, so EMFS strives to provide simple solutions.
  • You get to benefit from one easy bundled payment which will cover all your vehicle related expenses. All cars come with comprehensive insurance and the manufacturer’s full service and maintenance plan. A tracker is fitted in every vehicle to protect you against theft.
  • EMFS aims to make the process as easy as possible, with no unexpected costs at the end of the term. For instance, renting a car saves you from the trouble of having to deal with balloon payment surprises.
  • Renting your vehicle shifts the market risks to the rental company. If you are involved in  a car accident, EMFS will handle your insurance needs.

The convenience of a bundled monthly payment takes virtually all risks out of monthly vehicle expenses. Instead of having to worry about car insurance and finding the right company for your car service needs, you can simply rely on EMFS to cater to all your car needs.

To contact EMFS, call: 010 040-3622.

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