TransACTdirect offers vehicle finance to first time buyers and anyone who is a repeat customer. TransActDirect knows the fears and excitement that accompanies first time car buyers. Also concerns that second or third time car buyers have. Professional help is at hand and you can always feel free to voice out your question.

Getting vehicle finance can be challenging.  At TranACTdirect the team of dedicated staff will assist you achieve financial freedom . The loans are clear and there is no unscrupulous fine print. You can request car finance knowing you won’t be burdened with extra hidden payments that show up on your first installment.

TransACTdirect offers

Best and great deals in South Africa is what is on offer for anyone who wants to have a  car loan using TransACTdirect. Flexibility is priced in to the structure of the loan, and so are interest rates. The team works very efficient and you can get approval in a few hours.

Private to Private Vehicle Finance

TransACTdirect is authorized by MFC. It is a division of Nedbank, a well-known lender and car financier. You can find private to private vehicle finance, meaning you are not limited to buying a car from a dealer, but a private individual. The benefit of this is you can sell your friend or relative a car. Also you can get a car that is for sale by an individual, like a rare classic car now available at any dealership.

Vehicles that are more than 10 years on the road are not eligible for finance, also blacklisted people with bad credit loans  with total incomes of less than R5500 per month. Commercial vehicles that exceed 3.5 tons are also excluded from financing.


  • Loan term minimum 36 months
  • Loan term maximum 5 years
  • Average processing time 24 hours
  • Online application
  • In-store application
  • Unsecured loan option

Obtaining Vehicle Finance with TransACTdirect

Applying for a vehicle loan is done online. This method allows for fast approvals. It only takes 24 hours and at the most 48 hours. Use TransACTdirect to secure your vehicle finance.

Apply Online in just Minutes

Application process is very easy. When you opt for car loan products  on offer by TrasnACTdirect you can expect professional treatment by the staff. Once you log on to the website you will find information and online application form. You will need documentation such as banking details, proof of residential address, and proof of employment and pay slips. All this can be done online.
When you application is received the team of consultants will work on it so that you can be in the driver’s seat as soon as possible.

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Employed full-time
  • Credit check
  • Valid identity document
  • Utility bill or other (proof of address)
  • Bank statements or pay slips (proof of income)

Other Products & Services

  • Banking
  • Borrowing
  • Investing
  • Insurance

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