Vehicle hire for blacklisted with V Rentals

Benefit from specialist car and van hire from VRentals

Owning a car can come with a number of benefits. For one, it offers more freedom to travel. The reality is that a car can be expensive to own. This is largely owing to a range of factors, such as fuel expenses and depreciation among others.

Other expenses associated with owning a car include:

  • Parking
  • Insurance
  • Cleaning
  • Licences, fines and tolls
  • Fuel

Fortunately consumers now have a number of options when it comes to buying a car or renting one.

About V Rentals

V Rentals are specialist providers of long and short term car and van hire at the best prices. Since inception, V Rentals has gone on to establish itself as the market leader in cash rentals.

While most car rental companies provide rental solutions to individuals with valid credit cards, V Rentals has differentiated itself in the market. V Rentals is one of the industry leaders who rent for cash.

Services provided by VRentals

Rent to own car service- This option gives clients the chance to rent a vehicle on a specific long term contact and to become the owner of that vehicle after a specified period. Rent-to-buy vehicle options look only at your affordability. It does however require a deposit to be paid upfront. Monthly repayments are usually fixed for the duration of the rental period. It’s important to pay your lease on time every month and to keep the car well-maintained and serviced.

Specialised car and van hire- Buying a car these days isn’t as much of a necessity as it used to be in the past. With the high cost of living, more people are weighing their options and choosing to rent cars rather than buy them. If you will be travelling you ca also benefit from specialist car and van hire from VRentals.

Vehicle hire for blacklisted individuals- if you have a poor credit record or if you have been blacklisted, you can rely on V Rentals to give you access to car and van hire. As long as you can provide proof of your affordability, V Rentals may be the solution for you.

Arrangement of group tours- having reliable transport for group tours is a priority for many individuals. Fortunately the services offered by VRentals offer clients convenience at affordable rates.

Cash Rentals – while car hire is easily accessible, it isn’t always available to individuals without the right credit credentials. VRentals does however have a solution, through cash rentals. Individuals that need car and van hire from VRentals have the option of paying in cash.

Benefits of choosing VRentals

  • Provides assistance for individuals even if they do not have a credit card
  • Offers a selection of vehicles at low rates for any duration of hire
  • Offers a zero excess car rental contract
  • Has an extensive network, offering clients a wide range of options
  • Provides vehicle in any location in South Africa
  • Offers clients the ability to own the vehicle after the pre-agreed rental period

V Rentals

V Rentals Contacts

Head office address: 430 Ridge Road, Suite 701, 7th Floor Office Towers, Overport City, Durban.
Phone: 031 208 4826

Tel :010 220 5404
Mobile: 083 742 9975

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